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We Pick People Up At The Airports In Belize City, Dangriga or Placencia And Take Your Group To Our Lodging, Then Tour Your Group To The Best Locations In Belize. We Also Do Tours For Individuals And Small Parties, Give Us An Email For A Quote. or Call Us: 530-926-4540 Thank you, Jack Trout

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Here We Go For Another Adventure In Belize, We Host Groups of 5 or More.

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Delonix regia is a species of flowering plant in the bean family Fabaceae, subfamily Caesalpinioideae. It is noted for its fern-like leaves and flamboyant display of flowers. In many tropical parts of the world it is grown as an ornamental tree and in English it is given the name royal poinciana or flamboyant

Bird Tours Hopkins & Placencia Belize

Lineated Woodpecker In Search Of The Perfect Meal.

Iguana's around Southern Belize

The name iguana itself is said to come from the native Caribbean Taino language, iwana. They come in all different colors and are pretty common to see in Belize.

Great Meals of Southern Belize

We Know The Best Places To Eat In Each Area & Towns In Belize, We Can Provide You With A List For Free.


Boat Tours On The Sittee River Is A Great Way To View Wildlife, See Jungle Terrain And Just Enjoy Belize At Its Finest.

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Flowers in Belize



Red Hibiscus Flowers Grow All Over In Belize.



To the Left, Red Torch Flower, The Taller Flower Is Called Red Ginger.


Mayflower Waterfall Hike – this is a beautiful and challenging hike in the Mayflower Bocawina Park to Antelope Falls. The trailhead is about a half hour drive from Hopkins. The hike is challenging with vertical stair-like steps and ropes to hold onto while ascending
Mayflower Bocawina Zip Line
Mayflower Waterfall Hike/Zip Line
Mayflower Antelope Falls Rappelling/Zip Line
Mayflower Bocawina Falls Rappelling/Zip Line
Jaguar Preserve Cockscomb Basin Waterfall Hike
Jaguar Preserve Hike/River Tubing
Jaguar Preserve Night Walk
Jungle Horse Back Riding
Bird Watching
Monkey River Tour
Scarlet Macaw Tour
St.Herman’s Cave Hiking/Tubing
Aktun Tunichil Muknal Tour (ATM Cave)
Zip Line /Cave Tubing
Black Hole Drop
Cayo Mayan Ruins
Mayan Ruins/River Cave Tubing
Southern Maya Ruins
Belize Zoo/Blue Hole

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Look, It’s A Bird, It’s A Plane, It’s The Superman Of Belizean Tours Charlton Castillo, Here To Save The Day! The Most Famous Belize Tour Guide Fighting For Eco Tourism & A Clean Environment.

Our Guide Charlton Castillo, was born in Hopkins Village in the late 60’s, he later moved and was educated in the United States, later graduated, but knew someday he would return to his homeland of Belize, the place he knew and loved as a kid. At 26, Charlton’s dream came true and he returned to Belize. He looked at Belize in a different way this time being an older mature man. His desire was to learn everything he could about his native lands and where he came from, every plant, animal, migration and bird – inspired Charlton to read anything he could regarding the jungles of Belize and their floral & fauna inhabitants. Since then Charlton has become a local Southern Belizean expert and many rely on Charlton’s knowledge regarding many different fields he blazes in his country of Belize. Eventually, This led Charlton into a natural niche for guiding many happy tourists that visit Placencia and Hopkins, Belize annually. You can hear it in his voice, see it in his eyes, his message is one of knowledge and truth, spoken in a cool gentle vibe, that’s fun and memorable. Charlton Castillo, specializes in birds and terrestrial wildlife, migrations and special photo opportunities. Your right hand man any where in Belize.


Olive Throated Parakeet Enjoying The Afternoon Sun, With A Little Desert.

Jaguar Welcoming You To Belize.


Tours and Transport Pricelist 

          Park fees, transportation plus water are included on all tours
Lunch is included on full day tours; small snacks included for half day trips    Tours
Mayflower Waterfall Hike…………………………………….90$us pp min2 fees included
Mayflower Bocawina Zip Line………….…………………………………….120$us pp min2
Mayflower Waterfall Hike/Zip Line…………………………………………200$us pp min 2
Mayflower Antelope Falls Rappelling/Zip Line……………………………260$us pp min 2
Mayflower Bocawina Falls Rappelling/Zip Line…………………………..200$us pp min 2
Jaguar Preserve Cockscomb Basin Waterfall Hike……..90$us pp min 2 fees included
Jaguar Preserve Hike/River Tubing…………………105$us pp min 2 fees/tube included
Jungle Horse Back Riding…………………………………………………….120$us pp min 2
Bird Watching (1/2 day starts early!)…….80 $ us pp min 2…….(only 1 person $100us)
Monkey River Tour………………………..160$us pp min 4…………(2 persons 150$us pp)
Aktun Tunichil Muknal Tour (ATM Cave)..200$us pp min 4 ..2-3 persons 225$ pp lunch incl
Zip Line /Cave Tubing………175$us pp min 4…..2 persons 200 $us pp lunch included
Cayo Mayan Ruins…………………….175$us pp min 4………….2 persons 225$us pp
Mayan Ruins/River Cave Tubing………200$us pp min 4………..2 persons 225$us pp
Southern Maya Ruins………………….200$us pp min 4………. 2 persons 260$ us pp
Zoo and Cave Tubing……………………..200$us pp min 4 ……..2 persons 250$ us pp
Chocolate Tour………………………………………………………………….100$ us pp min 2
Belize Zoo/Blue Hole……….175$ us pp min 4…………….200$ us pp 1-3 people
St. Herman’s Cave Tubing ………………195 $us pp min 4……2 persons 225 $us pp
Jaguar Preserve Night Walk ……………….140$ us pp min 2 fees included
Scarlet Macaw Tour …….seasonally available 135$ us pp min 2 – fees included
​Custom trips & Itineraries  ……………….Call for prices and to go over more details ….We Do Tours All Over Belize
Charters / Transfers
Dangriga Airstrip……….………….2 persons 90$us additional persons 20$ us each
Belize city airport……………………………………………………..375$ us for 1 or 2 people
Placencia Day Tour………………………………………………………………250 $us for 1 or $350 for 2
Placencia drop off/pickup………………………………………………………225$ us for 1 or 2
The Best Tour Guides In Southern Belize ~ It’s Our Knowledge & Experience That Make’s The Difference.
(Prices may vary depending on season.) Give us a call to customized your trip and experience, we can work with any ones budget.
                                   Officially Endorsed Fly Fishing Outfitter by Belize Tourism Board













Belize Cave Tubing











Hopkins Belize Restaurants

Let Us Help Your Group Or Assist In A Plan, Itinerary For Your Special Vacation To Placencia or Hopkins Belize, It’s What We’ve Done Since 1994. We Take The Mystery Out Of Planning, Save Your Group Money And That Way Everyone Enjoys There Family Vacation And Not Hassled With The Details Of Booking A Country You Have Never Been Before.

We Can Help Arrange Luxury Houses, Ocean Front Cabins And Fully Prepared Cuisine, Host & Entertain Your Groups or Company Functions.

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Jack, I’m still thinking about the trip and just wanted to drop you a note to let you know what an awesome time we had in Belize. Handling a group of ten brothers, sister, spouses, girlfriends and parents I’m sure was not easy. Your ability to consider all of our interests, vary from the plan, and adapt on the fly was really great. From scuba diving at Glover’s reef to the Mayan cave tour to the incredible (bone, permit, barracuda, etc) fishing… all of it was just outstanding. Great accommodations, great food and drink, and the fantastic guides you put together really made the trip very special. I’m a stickler for planning and I can’t say that I’ve been on trip where I haven’t had to worry about a thing. You really did a tremendous job!! LETS DO IT AGAIN
Richard Gebhart, DVM Redding, California

Bravo Jack from the Mom as well. This Belize trip was without a doubt the best and more important trip of Richard’s and my life and we have had some wonderful trips. The fact that we were with our children and they were all getting along so well with one another that can be contributed to the fact that they do love one another but also that you took away the element of disagreement by planning every daily activity including who went with whom. Every day was an adventure for us all. Thank you so much Jack. You did a great job!
Cindy Gebhart






Placencia to Hopkins








Food in Hopkins Belize







Direct flights to Belize (Philip Goldson) International Airport (BZE) are available from :
Atlanta(ATL):-Delta 1-800-221-1212
Charlotte (CLT):-US Airways 1– 800-428-4322
Dallas (DFW):-American Airlines 1-800-433-7300
Houston (IAH): Continental & Group Taca 1-800-523-3273
Miami (MIA): American Airlines 1-800-433-7300
Newark (EWR):-American Airlines 1-800-433-7300


American Airlines for example from Calgary (YYC), Montreal (YUL) or Toronto (YYZ) through Dallas (DFW) to Belize (BZE) – flight times 7hrs:35min, 8hrs:20min & 8hrs:25min respectively.

Or with American Airlines from Ottawa (YOW) through Chicago (ORD) & Dallas (DFW) 9hrs: 40 min. Connecting flights with Continental for example from Calgary; Montreal (YUL); Toronto (YYZ) and Vancouver (YVR) through Houston (IAH) to Belize (BZE) – flight times: 8hrs, 7hrs:44min , 6hrs:23min & 9hrs:53min respectively. Or with Continental from Ottawa (YOW) through Newark (EWR) – flight time 10hrs:16min. Delta Airlines from Toronto via Atlanta – flight time 7 hrs TACA from Toronto via San Salvador 7hrs US Airways from Toronto via Charlotte 7hrs


Connecting flights with British Airways – London Heathrow (LHR) via Miami with American Airlines (overnight stay in Miami on outbound flight). Connecting flights with Condor – Frankfurt (FRA) via Cancun with Maya Island Air (overnight stay in Cancun on outbound flight).

Other connecting flights from almost all major European cities through United States gateways to Belize listed above: Atlanta with Delta; Charlotte with US Airways; Dallas:-American Airlines Houston: Continental & Group Taca; Miami: American Airlines and Newark:-American Airlines, all however require overnight stay in US on outbound flight.


American Airlines +1 225-4145
British Airways
Continental +1 800-226-3822
Delta +1 225-3423
Taca +1 225-2163
US Airways +1 800-622-1015

Dangriga is located approximately 30 minutes by air from mainland Belize. Daily flights from the Philip Goldson International Airport as well as hourly from the Belize City Municipal Airstrip to Dandriga are provided by the local airlines Maya Island Air and Tropic Air Tel: Belize +501 226-2012

Guest are met and greeted at Dangriga airstrip and taken with their luggage by one our guides or staff directly to the our lodging, cabin or house – 40 minutes away.

Call us and we can help you set up your flights and make sure your Belizean dream vacation all goes correct! Jack & Carola Trout – Team Belize Jack Trout International

We can also help you with your fly fishing, snorkeling, diving, Mayan tours, rent a cars and information on traveling in Belize, just give a shout!


Safety in Belize

Jack Trout Fly Fishing International

Belize is a developing Country. Although modern medical practices are common in urban areas, standards are considerably different than in the U.S. Travelers are wise to bring any and all prescription medications they may need, as well as, and ample supply of first aid and hygiene products. Such items are in short supply in the wilderness.

Sunshine is one of the major attractions in Belize, but it can also be your adversary. Severe burns occur all too easily, particularly for folks that travel down   from the states during the North American winter. Bring     plenty of industrial–strength sunscreen. You’ll be glad you did. Lightweight “flats style” pants, shorts, and long sleeve shirts are key attire for a week-long trip. They will keep you cool and comfortable and help protect you from harmful rays of the sun. Long billed hats, bandannas, and high-quality sunglasses will pay for themselves the first day on the water.

Anywhere in the tropics can be “bug central”. Lots of different species can put the bite on you. Pure deet is perhaps the most effective means of deterring the onslaught. It also helps to avoid the prime portion of the rainy season (July – September).

Though many guests drink tap water, we do not recommend this practice. Large water coolers are located in all condo units.   Make them you source of drinking water and oral hygiene. When dining out be sure to opt for bottled water. Be wary of ice in drinks.   When     in doubt, ask. Risks of water-borne disease in are not great.   Take precautions and the risk will be no greater than at home.


On the water: When swimming in the salt water, or wading the flats, it is imperative that you have protective footwear. Mature coral cuts like a knife, as many a barefooter can attest. Urchins and stingrays are common on the flats.   Stepping on either one of these creatures will result in a painful injury. Play it safe. Bring proper footwear. Sharks, although common in Belize, are rarely large or aggressive. Give them a wide berth and you will lower the risk of dangerous situations.


On land:   Organized tours of ruins and the rain forest are your safest means of travelling inland. There is incredible bio-diversity in Belize and it is not be missed. While most animals are harmless, there are a few that pose a serious risk.     The mainland jaguar, although shy and reclusive, is a large predator and should be taken seriously. Scorpions and tarantulas are common.   Though rarely deadly, their bites/ stings are quite painful and the effects can last for an extended period. Don’t walk around barefoot, especially at night.   Keep sliding glass doors closed to avoid any unwanted visitors. Avoid dark and damp places where such   species are likely to hide. Fer-de-lance, a large puff adder (rattlesnake family) is deadly. (I know about this snake personally as they seem to like me.) Although anti-venom is available at health clinics throughout Belize, the best approach is prevention. Play it safe. Do no travel alone. Avoid brushy, dark, undeveloped areas where line-of-sight is compromised. Any terrain where animals may not be readily seen should be considered risky. Follow the lead of guides and you will maximize your enjoyment while minimizing the risks. Be very careful around rivers as there are crocodiles that have been seen in the Sittee River, look for two eyes anytime you’re around rivers, something should be lurking at anytime it’s Belize, keep your eyes open and be aware.



Equipment Checklist

Jack Trout Fly Fishing International


– Flats boots

– Wading booties or sneakers and socks elasticized at the calf

– Hat (s) (long billed, wide brimmed, etc.)

– A good quality pair of Polaroid sunglasses , with straps. Wrap around style gives most complete eye protection.

– Scarf/ Bandanna

– Simms Protective gloves (VERY IMPORTANT)

– Lightweight shirts

– Lightweight long sleeve shirts

– Lightweight shorts

– Lightweight pants

– Sandals

– Tennis shoes

– Rain Jacket

– Bathing suits

– Fishing towel

– Dew Rag

– Face Protection

– Spray Bottle With Water

– Hand Alcohol

– Peets Coffee & Gold Swiss Filter – Non Dairy Creamer



– Hook hone

– Knot-tying tools

– Waterproof camera

– Large Leatherman / long-nosed pliers

– Swiss Army knife

– Small waterproof flashlight

– Waterproof matches


– Fanny pack

– Water purification tablets

– Water bottles

– Aqua-seal (knot coatings)



Medications/ Lotions:

– Prescription medications

– First-aid kit

-Sunscreen High factor

– Deet/ insect repellent

– Skin/hand lotion/ moisturizer.


Snorkelers Divers

Mask, snorkel, fins

Regulator and Buoyancy Compensator.



  • Check to see that your passport is valid for up to 3 months past your date of return.
  • Advise post office to hold mail.
  • Place valuables in safe deposit box.
  • Stop delivery of newspapers, milk etc.
  • Buy travelers checks in low denominations (bring approximately $20 in $1 and $5 bills to purchase drinks) NOTE: There is a service charge made by most businesses in Belize for cashing checks.
  • Put away all yard equipment and furniture.
  • Put address labels on all baggage (inside and out).
  • For the purpose of fast identification, please print name and address legibly on your baggage tags, last name first in capital letters.
  • Leave extra house key and itinerary with relative or friend.
  • Arrange for pets.
  • Check with doctor about malaria prevention and other health concerns.


  • Turned off all appliances and taps?
  • Closed and locked windows and doors?

DO YOU HAVE: (Do not pack in your suitcase)

  • Passport.
  • Domestic air tickets.
  • Name tag so you can be identified at the airport.
  • Travelers checks and money.
  • Luggage keys.
  • Sunglasses.
  • Camera, film, flash, extra batteries, silica gel packets and zip-lock bags for keeping camera, lens, film and binoculars dry and fungal free.
  • Prescription medicines required while traveling.


  • Favorite remedies for headache, colds, upset stomach, including Lomotil or Pepto Bismol (for lower intestinal distress), nerves, insect bites, skin irritations, motion sickness, etc.
  • Special medicines and prescriptions including malaria prophylactic.
  • Insect repellent.
  • Binoculars and field guides.
  • Lightweight rain poncho.
  • Small flashlight. –
  • Alarm clock.
  • Zip-lock baggies (quart size, and plastic trash bags for wet clothes).
  • Hat with brim for sun protection.
  • Ballpoint pen and pad. Sunscreen lotion and chapstick (a must in tropical sun). Mask, fins, snorkel.


Kleenex mini packs. Wash n’ Dry pre-moistened towelettes. Towel for supplemental use and between-hotel swims. First aid kit. Postcard address list. Credit cards. Water bottle. Swiss army knife. Field guides and reference materials. Insurance certificates Address and telephone number of whom to contact in case of emergency.


The items on this list represent everything that you will need on your trip. Since space for baggage is often limited in the field, it is important that you do not bring extra items. Your own experience should help you choose individual items, but don’t overestimate the predictability of the weather. On many of our trips you should be prepared for showers and hot sun.

CLOTHING – Casual Clothes for travel in cities and airplanes.

  • Shirts: Cotton, or light synthetic blend such as those sold by Ex Officio, short-sleeved, or T-shirts; one light long-sleeved NOTE: Many travelers enjoy purchasing T-shirts throughout their trip and, therefore, pack accordingly.
  • Trousers: Jeans or light hiking pants. Shorts can be worn in all places except town
  • Underwear: Cotton is comfortable, synthetic blends dry better overnight.
  • Headwear: Light hat with wide brim, including back of neck, for sun protection. Tie under the chin is advisable to prevent possible loss due to wind on boats.
  • Foul Weather Gear: Poncho – lightweight but sturdy (with any rain garment make sure the seams are sealed). Small folding umbrella can be useful while walking trails or in boats. Light- weight jacket or wind breaker for nights in the mountains or boat rides. A heavy cotton sweat shirt can be substituted for a windbreaker and feels great on the boat after snorkeling.
  • Socks: Cotton, athletic.
  • Shoes: Trails are often wet and therefore slippery, so your footwear is important. Walking shoes that grip or two pairs of tennis shoes (in case one pair gets wet and muddy). Flip-flops or shower togs. NOTE: Most landings on islands are wet landings and we recommend always wearing shoes in the field
  • Swimsuit: An extra swimsuit may be helpful.


NOTE: Snorkeling and diving equipment are available for rent. Due to the difficulty in getting a proper fit it is recommended that you bring your own mask and snorkel.

  • Mask: Be sure that it fits properly. (Those with mustaches should bring Vaseline.) The best type is the strap-behind-the-heel type worn with dive booties. Flippers should fit properly because blisters can make marine activities very painful. NOTE: Those who are new to snorkeling may wish only to use tennis shoes for standing up on rocks in the shallows.
  • Booties: Slip-on rubber dive booties protect from blisters and protect ankles against coral scrapes.
  • Snorkel: Many varieties are available. Be sure the mouth piece is comfortable.
  • Gloves – Cheap artificial leather or cloth garden gloves. NOTE: IT IS DESTRUCTIVE TO THE REEF TO HANDLE CORAL, SPONGES, ETC. PLEASE DO NOT TOUCH!
  • Divers: NOTE: You must have your own dive certification card with you.
    • Weights and tanks are available for rent.
    • Dive light if you are taking a night dive.
    • Wet suit jacket or shorty wet suit (optional for those who are cold natured, otherwise use a T-shirt).
    • Buoyancy compensator and gauges are required of all divers. Divers should have depth and pressure gauges, watch and knife.



Travel light! One medium-sized suitcase or duffle bag and a carry-on bag per person should be adequate. People who make a habit of traveling “light” report relatively trouble-free journeys uncomplicated by several pieces of luggage. Those of you who are taking collecting equipment need to be even more conservative in your packing. We recommend a duffle bag approximately 14″ x 30″, made of strong, waterproof duck with full zipper and wrap-around nylon type handles, or army surplus duffle. Duffle bags pack more easily and will protect your gear from dust.


  • One plastic water bottle (1 quart rapacity, widemouth — check for leaks). Water will be provided in the vehicles.
  • Personal first aid kit (bandaids, aspirin, personal medications, insect repellent, after-bite stick, etc.)
  • Toilet Kit (soap, toothbrush, personal toilet articles).
  • Disposable towelettes (Wash n’ Dries) are useful for personal hygiene.
  • 50+ Sun-blocking lotion, 8-15 level Paba (preferably the type that will not easily wash off).
  • Flashlight with spare batteries and bulb.


  • Camera: your choice but keep the weight down.
  • Bring your cord to transfer pictures to PC, Iphone or tablet.
  • Go Pro camera with selfie stick.
  • Flash and extra batteries. You will find a lens with macro capabilities most useful.
  • Binoculars (new lightweight models are generally excellent).
  • Watch (waterproof).
  • Reading material, writing material, playing cards.
  • Repair kit: needle, thread, buttons, 1/8″ nylon cord, ripstop tape, etc.
  • Regular sunglasses: spare pair if you wear prescription lenses.
  • Stuff bags: various sizes, heavy duty, zip-lock for film, books, and small items; trash bags for wet clothes and dirty shoes.



We recommend that you hand carry on the plane in your daypack or hand luggage, camera, important documents, medicines and other irreplaceable items. Make sure they will fit under the seat of the plane or in the overhead compartment. DON’

CHECK BAGS THROUGH to an overseas destination from your hometown — wait until your final domestic gateway city.) TRAVEL DOCUMENTS

A valid passport is required. Each U.S. citizen must have one. Passports may be applied for at the Post Office in towns of 35,000 to 40,000 population and above. If you live in a smaller community, call the clerk of the Circuit Court in your county seat. He can tell you where to apply for one. NOTE: Some countries require that your passport be valid for six to twelve months from the day you enter the country. Please contact the embassy for special requirements. Visas for Guatemala (Tikal) are obtained at the Belize/Guatemala border as you cross. If you are going to Honduras (Copan Extension), a tourist visa can be obtained at the airport in Honduras.


There are no inoculations required by the Belizean Government, however, we encourage you to check with the Public Health Department or your physician. Compazine and Lomotil are often recommended. We highly recommend malaria prevention, which usually begins several weeks before departure. Please consult your physician. Also, you should bring a supply of motion sickness remedies if you are prone to sea sickness. The Centers for Disease Control, located in Atlanta, can be reached by dialing (404) 639-1610, (404) 639-3311, or (404) 639-2572.


U.S. dollars are accepted everywhere. Travelers checks are accepted in most places. A service charge is usually made by most businesses for cashing these checks. Visa, Mastercard and American Express credit cards are accepted in major hotels. Some hotels will accept one or two of these three cards. ASK! Smaller shops and hotels often do not accept credit cards. Be sure to save $30 BZE for departure tax when leaving Belize. The Belize currency exchange rate is $1.00 US = $2.00 BZE.

NOTE: We cannot overemphasize how important it is for all participants to carry a generous supply of sun screen.

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